About Us

Logo-01YCM Chess Academy believes the game of chess has the power to transform the way of thinking and living our life as a chess and life-champion.
Thus chess can help children to become resourceful and responsible member of society.

YCM Chess Academy offers the education of chess for children to learn and engage in healthy leisure activities that promote qualities in Malaysia.
YCM Chess Academy also provides services to individuals, schools, universities and organizations.

YCM Chess Academy is owned by Pintar Bestari Enterprise, a registered company with SSM.



Our mission is to provide the opportunities for every child in Malaysia to get smart
for better lifestyle by developing chess understandings, techniques, skills and joining
chess tournaments in higher level.


“Get Smart, Play Chess



Master Halim Shuhaimi (National Instructor, NI)
Master AGM Nik Farouqi (FIDE Instructor, FI)
Master Syawal Aqmar
Master Mohamed Ismail (Max)
Master Yussaini (Sunny)
Master Nor Hariz (Siak)
Master Atiya Najiyah
Master Sharina Husna